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Case Sensitivity

Case Sensitivity - language feature

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Example from Ini:
[subsections "areCaseSensitive"]
Example from Speedie:
|| Same = "x" == "X" // same = false

Languages with Case Sensitivity include Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, Ruby, C#, Go, Swift, Haskell, TypeScript, Prolog, Objective-C, Elixir, Verilog, Ini, Cython, C3, Speedie, progsbase, Slope, Jule, Pizza, CLPR, Oracle Java, Deesel, Tick C, GAEA, Progol

Languages without Case Sensitivity include SQL, Fortran, Ada, Pascal, BASIC, Forth, ABAP, Gforth, ADLIB, Extended Pascal

This question asks: Is this language case sensitive?

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