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Slope - Programming language

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Slope, aka SLOum's Programming Environment, is a programming language created in 2021 by Sloum.

Source code:
git clone
#539on PLDB 2Years Old

A small s-expression based programming language

Example from the web:
; hello world (define greeting "Hello") (display greeting ", world!\n")
Slope Keywords
define set! lambda cond case if for load load-mod load-mod-file usage macro eval apply and or begin begin0 exists coeval

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
(if positive? 1 -1)
Zero-based numbering
Switch Statements
(case my-num
  (5 (display "Five!"))
  (0 (display "Zero!"))
  (else (display "Not an option")))
Variadic Functions
(lambda (...) (apply + ...))
Case Sensitivity
File Imports
(load-mod my-module)
(load "examples/test.slo")
Garbage Collection
Strings "
"hello world"
`hello	wold`
(define yes? #t)
(ns-create 'hello-world)
  (lambda ()
    (display "hello world!\n")))
(regex-match? `[0-9]+` "Hello 12345")
(regex-replace `Hello, (\w+)!$` "Hello, world!" "Goodbye, $1!")
; I am a comment
Line Comments ;
; I am a comment
Booleans #t #f
(define open? #t)
Bitwise Operators
(& 0xFF 0x1B)
Prefix Notation
(+ 1 2)
Increment and decrement operators X
Gotos X
Semantic Indentation X

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