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PLDB contains 356 questions on 4842 concepts and builds one main CSV file. pldb.csv is 7.3MB uncompressed (2.3MB compressed). Every row is an concept and every concept is one row. Every question is one column and every column is one question. You can also download the typed tree structured data as JSON.

Index Name Question Example Values Coverage Type Source Definition
1 title What is the official title of the language? 05AB1E 4842 100% string name.grammar
2 appeared What year was the language publicly released and/or announced? 2015 4842 100% integer history.grammar
3 type Which category in PLDB's subjective ontology does this entity fit into? esolang 4842 100% enum githubLanguage.grammar
4 id What is the name of this file without the extension? 05ab1e 4842 100% string computeds.grammar
5 rank How does this thing rank amongst all entities in this TrueBase? 1516 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
6 languageRank How does this language rank amongst all languages in PLDB? 1171 4316 89% integer computeds.grammar
7 factCount How many answers do we have about this thing? 27 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
8 lastActivity In our data on this entity, what year is the most recent activity? 2022 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
9 exampleCount How many examples do we have written in this language? 2 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
10 bookCount What is the count of booked we have published about this thing? 0 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
11 paperCount What is the count of papers we have published about this thing? 0 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
12 numberOfUsersEstimate What is our estimate of number of users of this language? 790 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
13 numberOfJobsEstimate What is our estimate of the number of jobs in this language? 0 4842 100% integer computeds.grammar
14 githubBigQuery_repos How many repos for this language are listed in Google's BigQuery Public GitHub Dataset snapshot? 274 421 9% integer githubBigQuery.grammar
15 creators What are the name(s) of the original creators of the language delimited by " and "? Matthew Steel 1267 26% string[] leaders.grammar
16 githubRepo What is the URL of the official GitHub repo for the project if it is hosted there? 1053 22% url githubRepo.grammar
17 website What is the URL of the official homepage for this language project? 1650 34% url website.grammar
18 wikipedia What is the URL of this entity on Wikipedia, if and only if it has a page dedicated to it? 1861 38% url wikipedia.grammar
19 getSource What is a one line shell command to download the source code for this language? git clone 4842 100% string computeds.grammar
20 isLanguage Does PLDB categorize this entity as a language? true 4842 100% boolean computeds.grammar
21 originCommunity In what community(ies) did the language first originate? Department of Computer Science 3967 82% string[] originCommunity.grammar
22 country What country was this language first developed in? Russia 3730 77% unspecified country.grammar
23 centralPackageRepositoryCount How many central package repositories does this language have? 0 3020 62% integer packages.grammar
24 reference What is a URL to more info about this thing? https://pdfs.semanticscholar.o 2141 44% url reference.grammar
25 hoplId What is the HOPL id of this language? 4365 1808 37% integer computeds.grammar
26 hopl What is the URL to this language in Diarmuid Pigott's Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages site? 1808 37% url hopl.grammar
27 example What is a representative snippet for this language? "Hello World 1672 35% multilineString example.grammar
28 wikipedia_dailyPageViews How many page views per day does this Wikipedia page get? Useful as a signal for rankings. Available via WP api. 60 1669 34% integer wikipedia.grammar
29 description What is a short description of this language? A concise stack-based golfing 1655 34% string description.grammar
30 wikipedia_backlinksCount How many pages on WP link to this page? 112 1620 33% integer wikipedia.grammar
31 wikipedia_summary What is the text summary of the language from the Wikipedia page? The IBM 1620 was announced by 1613 33% string wikipedia.grammar
32 wikipedia_pageId What is the internal ID for this entity on WP? 92577 1603 33% integer wikipedia.grammar
33 wikipedia_appeared When does Wikipedia claim this entity first appeared? 1962 1538 32% integer history.grammar
34 wikipedia_created When was the *Wikipedia page* for this entity created? 2002 1390 29% integer githubRepo.grammar
35 wikipedia_revisionCount How many revisions does this page have? 481 1294 27% integer wikipedia.grammar
36 wikipedia_related What languages does Wikipedia have as related? unicode assembly-language fort 1288 27% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
37 fileType What is the file encoding for programs in this language? paper 1271 26% enum fileType.grammar
38 isbndb What are books about this language from ISBNdb? 1084 22% multilineString isbndb.grammar
39 githubRepo_stars How many stars of the repo? 672 1030 21% integer githubRepo.grammar
40 githubRepo_forks How many forks of the repo? 39 1027 21% integer githubRepo.grammar
41 githubRepo_updated What year was the last commit made? 2022 1026 21% integer githubRepo.grammar
42 githubRepo_subscribers How many subscribers to the repo? 20 1019 21% integer githubRepo.grammar
43 githubRepo_created When was the *Github repo* for this entity created? 2015 1012 21% integer githubRepo.grammar
44 githubRepo_issues How many isses on the repo? 29 926 19% integer githubRepo.grammar
45 fileExtensions What are the file extensions for this language? bsl os 907 19% string[] fileExtensions.grammar
46 domainName What is the domain for this language's website if it has its own? 891 18% word website.grammar
47 repoStats_files How many files in the repo? 49 891 18% integer repoStats.grammar
48 repoStats_committers How many committers to the repo? 28 891 18% integer repoStats.grammar
49 repoStats_commits How many commits to the repo? 871 891 18% integer repoStats.grammar
50 repoStats_firstCommit What year the first commit made in this git repo? 2015 891 18% integer githubRepo.grammar
51 repoStats What is the URL of the official GitHub repo for the project if it is hosted there? firstCommit 2015 commits 871 c 891 18% multilineStringMap repoStats.grammar
52 githubRepo_firstCommit What year the first commit made in this git repo? 2015 843 17% integer githubRepo.grammar
53 semanticScholar What are papers about this language from Semantic Scholar? 768 16% multilineString semanticScholar.grammar
54 hasComments Does the language have a syntax and support for comments? true 626 13% boolean hasComments.grammar
55 isOpenSource Is this an open source project? true 620 13% boolean freedom.grammar
56 domainName_registered When was this domain first registered? 2014 617 13% integer website.grammar
57 hasSemanticIndentation Does the language use semantic indentation? false 582 12% boolean hasSemanticIndentation.grammar
58 hasLineComments Does the language have line comments? true 544 11% boolean hasLineComments.grammar
59 githubLanguage What is the name of this language on GitHub's list of supported languages defined here 1C Enterprise 530 11% guid githubLanguage.grammar
60 githubLanguage_type Which of the types best describes this: data, programming, markup, prose, or nil? programming 521 11% enum githubLanguage.grammar
61 githubLanguage_tmScope What is the TextMate scope that represents this programming language, matching one of the scopes listed in the grammars.yml file, or "none" if there is no grammar for this language? source.bsl 521 11% guid githubLanguage.grammar
62 githubLanguage_aceMode What is the name of the Ace Mode used for highlighting whenever a file is edited, matching one of the filenames in, or "text" for everything else? text 520 11% word githubLanguage.grammar
63 githubLanguage_repos How many repos for this language does GitHub report? 38669 491 10% integer githubBigQuery.grammar
64 lineCommentToken What is the token(s) that can be placed anywhere on a line and starts a comment that cannot be stopped except by a line break character or end of file? * 475 10% string[] featureTokens.grammar
65 domainName_awisRank What is the Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) domain ranking? 2022 4564023 463 10% multilineStringMap website.grammar
66 githubLanguage_trendingProjectsCount How many trending repos for this language does GitHub report? 0 445 9% integer githubLanguage.grammar
67 leachim6_filepath What is the filepath to this language in leachim6's hello-world project? #/05AB1E 427 9% string leachim6.grammar
68 leachim6 What is a URL to this language in leachim6's hello-world project? 05AB1E 427 9% guid leachim6.grammar
69 githubBigQuery What is the name of this language in the Google BigQuery Public Datasets about GitHub repos found at 1C Enterprise 421 9% guid githubBigQuery.grammar
70 githubBigQuery_users How many unique users have a repo using this language according to Google BigQuery? 250 420 9% integer githubBigQuery.grammar
71 linguistGrammarRepo What is the URL to the Linguist Grammar repo used by GitHub for this language? 416 9% url linguistGrammarRepo.grammar
72 linguistGrammarRepo_committerCount How many people have made commits in this repo? 3 398 8% integer linguistGrammarRepo.grammar
73 linguistGrammarRepo_lastCommit What year was the last commit made? 2018 398 8% integer linguistGrammarRepo.grammar
74 linguistGrammarRepo_firstCommit What year was the first commit made? 2015 398 8% integer githubRepo.grammar
75 linguistGrammarRepo_commitCount How many commits in this repo? 261 398 8% integer linguistGrammarRepo.grammar
76 wordRank Where does this word rank in terms of common English words? 4100 377 8% integer name.grammar
77 linguistGrammarRepo_sampleCount How many language samples in this repo? 6 365 8% integer linguistGrammarRepo.grammar
78 hasStrings Does the language have a strings data structure? true 363 7% boolean hasStrings.grammar
79 standsFor If the language name is an acronym what does/did it stand for? 3D Manufacturing Format 344 7% string name.grammar
80 pygmentsHighlighter_filename What is the Python filename implementing the highlighting for this language? 340 7% unspecified pygments.grammar
81 pygmentsHighlighter What is a url to a Pygments syntax highlighting class for this language ABAP 340 7% guid pygments.grammar
82 documentation What is a URL to the official documentation for this language? 339 7% url documentation.grammar
83 stringToken What token(s) is used to delimit a string? " 333 7% string[] featureTokens.grammar
84 rosettaCode What is a URL to this language on Rosetta Code - 331 7% url rosettaCode.grammar
85 hasPrintDebugging Does the language have a built in function that allows one to print debug? true 317 7% boolean hasPrintDebugging.grammar
86 printToken What token(s) is used to print a message? " 316 7% string[] featureTokens.grammar
87 twitter What is a URL to the official Twitter account of this thing, if any? 253 5% url twitter.grammar
88 hasMultiLineComments Does the language have multi-line comments? true 239 5% boolean hasMultiLineComments.grammar
89 rijuRepl What is a URL to try this language on 221 5% url rijuRepl.grammar
90 githubLanguage_codemirrorMimeType What is the name of the file mime type used for highlighting whenever a file is edited, from the list here text/x-c++src 216 4% word githubLanguage.grammar
91 githubLanguage_codemirrorMode What is the name name of the CodeMirror Mode used for highlighting whenever a file is edited, from the list here clike 216 4% word githubLanguage.grammar
92 tiobe What is the ID of this language in Tiobe's ranking of programming languages here: ABAP 204 4% guid tiobe.grammar
93 goodreads What are books about this language from Goodreads? title|year|author|goodreadsId| 200 4% multilineString goodreads.grammar
94 related What languages are related? logo 185 4% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
95 writtenIn What language(s) is the main implementation written in? java 182 4% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
96 hackerNewsDiscussions What are URLS to Hacker News posts discussing this language? id|title|time|timestamp|by|com 179 4% multilineString hackerNews.grammar
97 multiLineCommentTokens What is the start delimiter and end token (which can be the same) for comments that can span multiple lines? /* */ 177 4% string[] featureTokens.grammar
98 aka What is this also known as? 4D 169 3% string name.grammar
99 hasIntegers Does this language have a syntax and type for integers? true 157 3% boolean hasIntegers.grammar
100 helloWorldCollection What is the name of this project in the Hello World Collection? \ Hello world in ABC WRITE "H 149 3% multilineString helloWorldCollection.grammar
101 githubLanguage_aliases What are additional aliases, excluding name.downcase which are implicitly included? actionscript 3 or actionscript 142 3% string[] githubLanguage.grammar
102 hasFloats Does the language have a syntax and type for floating points? true 134 3% boolean hasFloats.grammar
103 tryItOnline What is a link to try this language on abc 133 3% guid tryItOnline.grammar
104 hasBooleans Does the language have a type and syntax for booleans? true 118 2% boolean hasBooleans.grammar
105 keywords What are all the keywords in this language? abap-source abbreviated abstra 117 2% string[] featureTokens.grammar
106 indeedJobs How many job descriptions match this query for this language on 2022 283 111 2% multilineStringMap indeedJobs.grammar
107 hasHexadecimals Does the language have a syntax for hexadecimals? true 106 2% boolean hasHexadecimals.grammar
108 projectEuler_memberCount How many project euler members use this language? 2019 45 2022 47 105 2% multilineStringMap meetup.grammar
109 projectEuler Is this language one of the ones listed on ABAP 105 2% guid projectEuler.grammar
110 booleanTokens What token(s) is used for true and false? true false 100 2% string[] featureTokens.grammar
111 visualParadigm Is this a visual programming thing? Sometimes called "no code" or "low code"? true 96 2% boolean paradigms.grammar
112 subreddit What is a URL of a subreddit(s) for this language? 90 2% url reddit.grammar
113 webRepl What is a URL for an online repl of this language? 89 2% url website.grammar
114 subreddit_memberCount How many members in this subreddit? 2017 1092 2022 8055 83 2% multilineStringMap meetup.grammar
115 codeMirror What is a URL to a CodeMirror syntax highlighting package for this language? velocity 80 2% guid codemirror.grammar
116 hasCaseInsensitiveIdentifiers Are identifiers in this language case insensitive? false 76 2% boolean hasCaseInsensitiveIdentifiers.grammar
117 githubLanguage_trendingProjects What are trending projects in this language GitHub? author name avatar url languag 75 2% multilineString githubLanguage.grammar
118 monaco What is a URL to a Monaco syntax highlighting package for this language? abap 74 2% guid monaco.grammar
119 hasConditionals Does the language have conditional statements and/or conditional expressions? true 74 2% boolean hasConditionals.grammar
120 jupyterKernel What is a link to a Jupyter Kernel for this language? 73 2% url jupyter.grammar
121 githubLanguage_interpreters What are the associated interpreters? apl aplx dyalog 71 1% string[] githubLanguage.grammar
122 quineRelay What is the name of this language in the Quine Relay project from here Ada 70 1% guid quineRelay.grammar
123 compilesTo Which language(s) does this language primarily compile to? beam-bytecode 66 1% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
124 ubuntuPackage What is the name of an Ubuntu package for this language from, if any? gnat 65 1% guid ubuntu.grammar
125 releaseNotesUrl What is the URL to the release notes or changelog for this language? 65 1% url releaseNotes.grammar
126 packageRepository What is a URL to the package repository for this language? 60 1% url packages.grammar
127 antlr What is a URL to an ANTLR grammar for this language? 60 1% url antlr.grammar
128 officialBlogUrl What is the URL to the official blog for this language? 58 1% url officialBlogUrl.grammar
129 linkedInSkill How many people list this skill on LinkedIn? 2018 926337 57 1% multilineStringMap linkedInSkill.grammar
130 meetup_groupCount How many groups? 2707 57 1% integer meetup.grammar
131 meetup_memberCount How many people in this meetup group? 1514159 57 1% integer meetup.grammar
132 meetup What is a URL for active meetup groups for this language on 57 1% url meetup.grammar
133 languageServerProtocolProject What is the URL to a project implementing LSP for this language? https://marketplace.visualstud 54 1% url languageServerProtocolProject.grammar
134 filenames What are the filenames commonly associated with this language? APKBUILD 53 1% string[] fileExtensions.grammar
135 hasOctals Does the language have a syntax for octal numbers? true 53 1% boolean hasOctals.grammar
136 influencedBy What languages influenced this one? rust 52 1% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
137 gitRepo What is the URL of the official git repo for the language project if not hosted on GitHub or GitLab or Sourcehut? 52 1% url gitRepo.grammar
138 hasAssignment Does the language allow assigning values to variables? true 51 1% boolean hasAssignment.grammar
139 tiobe_currentRank What is the current Tiobe rank of this language? 40 50 1% integer tiobe.grammar
140 hasWhileLoops Does the language have while loops? true 50 1% boolean hasWhileLoops.grammar
141 faqPageUrl What is a URL to a frequently asked questions page for this language? 50 1% url faqPageUrl.grammar
142 supersetOf Is this language a superset of another? pascal 49 1% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
143 packageCount How many packages are in the repository? 105 48 1% integer packages.grammar
144 forLanguages Which languages is this repository for? ballerina 48 1% trueBaseId[] packages.grammar
145 hasBinaryNumbers Does the language have a type and syntax for binary numbers? true 48 1% boolean hasBinaryNumbers.grammar
146 hasOperatorOverloading Does the language allow operator overloading? true 45 1% boolean hasOperatorOverloading.grammar
147 hasImports Does this language have a syntax for importing other files? true 44 1% boolean hasImports.grammar
148 hasFunctions Does the language have a concept of and syntax for functions? true 43 1% boolean hasFunctions.grammar
149 githubLanguage_group What is the name of the parent language group according to GitHub? Shell 41 1% guid githubLanguage.grammar
150 stackOverflowSurvey_undefined_percentageUsing What percentage of survey respondents report using this language? 0.01 38 1% number stackOverflowSurvey.grammar
151 stackOverflowSurvey_undefined_fans How many developers reported wanting to learn this language? 568 38 1% integer stackOverflowSurvey.grammar
152 stackOverflowSurvey_undefined_medianSalary What is the median salary reported by developers using this language? 75631 38 1% integer stackOverflowSurvey.grammar
153 stackOverflowSurvey_undefined_users How many developers reported using this language? 536 38 1% integer githubBigQuery.grammar
154 stackOverflowSurvey What is the summary of this language from the StackOverflow annual developer survey found here 2021 users 536 medianSalary 38 1% multilineStringMap stackOverflowSurvey.grammar
155 downloadPageUrl What is a URL to the download page for this language? 35 1% url downloadPageUrl.grammar
156 assignmentToken What token(s) is used for assignment to an identifier? := 34 1% string[] featureTokens.grammar
157 compilerExplorer What is this language's name on Ada 34 1% guid compilerExplorer.grammar
158 hasMacros Does the language have a compile-time macro pass? true 34 1% boolean hasMacros.grammar
159 hasClasses Does the language have a concept of classes? true 33 1% boolean hasClasses.grammar
160 replit What is a URL to try this language on 30 1% url replit.grammar
161 pypl What is this language's id on Abap 29 1% guid pypl.grammar
162 emailList What is a link to the mailing list for this language? 28 1% url emailList.grammar
163 versions What are the release years and versions of this language? 2008 1.0 2009 1.5 2009 1.6 200 27 1% multilineStringMap versions.grammar
164 isCaseSensitive Is this language case sensitive? false 26 1% boolean isCaseSensitive.grammar
165 hasTypeInference Can the parser infer the type of a variable at compile time without an annotation? true 26 1% boolean hasTypeInference.grammar
166 hasSwitch Does the language have switch statements or expressions? true 25 1% boolean hasSwitch.grammar
167 hasGarbageCollection Does the language have a garbage collector or must memory of constructs be managed manually? true 25 1% boolean hasGarbageCollection.grammar
168 hasConstants Does the language have a way to declare constant compile time variables? true 25 1% boolean hasConstants.grammar
169 spec What is a URL to the official spec for this language? 25 1% url spec.grammar
170 gource What is a URL to a Gource visualization of this project's git history? 25 1% url gource.grammar
171 hasPointers Does the language have a structure that is a location in memory? true 24 0% boolean hasPointers.grammar
172 hasExceptions Does the language have a concept and syntax for exceptions? true 24 0% boolean hasExceptions.grammar
173 hasDirectives Is the language embedded in a tiny compile-time directive language? true 21 0% boolean hasDirectives.grammar
174 hasAccessModifiers Does this language have access modifiers? true 21 0% boolean hasAccessModifiers.grammar
175 eventsPageUrl What is a URL to an events pages for this language? 20 0% url eventsPageUrl.grammar
176 hasLists Does the language have lists? true 19 0% boolean hasLists.grammar
177 hasInheritance Does this language have class inheritance? true 19 0% boolean hasInheritance.grammar
178 cheatSheetUrl What is a URL to a cheat sheet for this language? 19 0% url cheatSheetUrl.grammar
179 hasMultipleInheritance Does the language allow multiple inheritance? false 18 0% boolean hasMultipleInheritance.grammar
180 hasConstructors Does the language have a syntax and/or notion of constructors? true 18 0% boolean hasConstructors.grammar
181 esolang What is a URL to this language on 18 0% url esolang.grammar
182 nativeLanguage What is the native human language for this language, if not English? Korean 17 0% enum history.grammar
183 isLisp Is this in the Lisp family of languages? true 16 0% boolean isLisp.grammar
184 equation What is a LaTeX encoding of this equation? 鈭噚B=碌0*J 15 0% multilineString equation.grammar
185 isDead Has the creator or maintainer announced it officially dead? Include a link to proof of the announcement. true 15 0% boolean history.grammar
186 hasRegularExpressionsSyntaxSugar Does the language have special syntax for regular expressions? false 15 0% boolean hasRegularExpressionsSyntaxSugar.grammar
187 announcementMethod How was the language first announced? interview 14 0% enum history.grammar
188 githubLanguage_wrap Does GitHub override it's default of not wrapping lines when displaying this language? true 14 0% boolean githubLanguage.grammar
189 isPublicDomain Is this public domain? true 14 0% boolean freedom.grammar
190 hasTernaryOperators Does the language have ternary operators? true 14 0% boolean hasTernaryOperators.grammar
191 hasScientificNotation Does the language have a syntax for Scientific Notation? true 14 0% boolean hasScientificNotation.grammar
192 screenshot What is a URL to a screenshot of this visual language in the form[id].png? 14 0% url images.grammar
193 gdbSupport Is the language supported by the GNU Debugger? true 13 0% boolean gdb.grammar
194 hasMessagePassing Does the language support message passing? true 13 0% boolean hasMessagePassing.grammar
195 hasEnums Does the language have a syntax and type for enums? true 13 0% boolean hasEnums.grammar
196 demoVideo What is a URL of a demo video of this language? 13 0% url demoVideo.grammar
197 hasVariableSubstitutionSyntax Do you use different syntax when assigning versus referencing a variable? true 12 0% boolean hasVariableSubstitutionSyntax.grammar
198 hasMultilineStrings Does the language support multiline strings? true 12 0% boolean hasMultilineStrings.grammar
199 gitlabRepo What is the URL of the official GitLab repo for the language project? 12 0% url gitlabRepo.grammar
200 packageInstallCount How many packages have been downloaded? 770549116 11 0% integer packages.grammar
201 oldName What is the old name of this language? ML-flavoured Erlang 11 0% string name.grammar
202 subsetOf Is this language a subset of another? c 11 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
203 hasZeroBasedNumbering Does the language start counting from 0, rather than 1? true 11 0% boolean hasZeroBasedNumbering.grammar
204 hasBitWiseOperators Does the language have operators for bitwise manipulations? true 11 0% boolean hasBitWiseOperators.grammar
205 canWriteToDisk Does this language have methods or standard libraries for writing to disk? true 11 0% boolean canWriteToDisk.grammar
206 proposals What is the URL to a the place where language proposals are made, if one exists? 11 0% url proposals.grammar
207 firstAnnouncement What is a URL announcing the creation or release of this language? 11 0% url history.grammar
208 hasUnitsOfMeasure Does the language support units of measure? false 10 0% boolean hasUnitsOfMeasure.grammar
209 hasStaticTyping Does the language have static typing at compile time? true 10 0% boolean hasStaticTyping.grammar
210 hasSingleDispatch Does the method called depended on a single operand? true 10 0% boolean hasSingleDispatch.grammar
211 hasIncrementAndDecrementOperators Does this language have increment and decrement operators? true 10 0% boolean hasIncrementAndDecrementOperators.grammar
212 runsOnVm What virtual machine(s) does this language run on? jvm 9 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
213 hasThreads Does the language support a concept of threads? true 9 0% boolean hasThreads.grammar
214 hasPatternMatching Does the language support pattern matching? true 9 0% boolean hasPatternMatching.grammar
215 hasNamespaces Does the language have a namespace construct? false 9 0% boolean hasNamespaces.grammar
216 hasModules Does the language have a concept of modules for organizing and packaging code? true 9 0% boolean hasModules.grammar
217 hasMixins Does the language allow including methods from a class without inheriting from that class? false 9 0% boolean hasMixins.grammar
218 hasHomoiconicity Is the language also a valid data structure in that language? true 9 0% boolean hasHomoiconicity.grammar
219 hasHereDocs Does the language have a syntax for multiline text blocks? true 9 0% boolean hasHereDocs.grammar
220 hasFixedPoint Does the language have a type and syntax for fixed point numbers, such as currencies with 2 decimal points? true 9 0% boolean hasFixedPoint.grammar
221 inputLanguages Which language(s) does this take as input? For compilers, what languages does this compile compile? c 8 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
222 hasIterators Does this language have iterators? true 8 0% boolean hasIterators.grammar
223 hasGotos Does the language have a concept of and syntax for gotos? true 8 0% boolean hasGotos.grammar
224 hasFunctionOverloading Can you have multiple functions with the same name but different parameters? false 8 0% boolean hasFunctionOverloading.grammar
225 hasFunctionComposition Can you pass functions into other functions and get new combined functions? true 8 0% boolean hasFunctionComposition.grammar
226 hasAsyncAwait Does the language have an async/await construct? true 8 0% boolean hasAsyncAwait.grammar
227 annualReportsUrl What is a URL to annual reports for this language? 8 0% url annualReportsUrl.grammar
228 githubCopilotOptimized Is this language optimized for GitHub copilot, as found on this list true 7 0% boolean githubCopilot.grammar
229 hasStructs Does the language have a structs structure? true 7 0% boolean hasStructs.grammar
230 hasMultipleDispatch Does the language support multiple dispatch? true 7 0% boolean hasMultipleDispatch.grammar
231 hasInterfaces Does this language have a concept of interfaces? true 7 0% boolean hasInterfaces.grammar
232 hasGenerics Does the language have generics? true 7 0% boolean hasGenerics.grammar
233 hasExplicitTypeCasting Does the language have a syntax for type casting? true 7 0% boolean hasExplicitTypeCasting.grammar
234 hasVariadicFunctions Does the language support functions that accept a variable number of parameters? true 6 0% boolean hasVariadicFunctions.grammar
235 hasTemplates Does the language support templates? false 6 0% boolean hasTemplates.grammar
236 hasPolymorphism Does the language have polymorphism? true 6 0% boolean hasPolymorphism.grammar
237 hasPipes Does the language have a pipe operator? true 6 0% boolean hasPipes.grammar
238 hasPartialApplication Does the language support partial application? true 6 0% boolean hasPartialApplication.grammar
239 hasMaps Does the language have a map (aka hashtable) data structure? true 6 0% boolean hasMaps.grammar
240 hasManualMemoryManagement Does the language have manual memory management? true 6 0% boolean hasManualMemoryManagement.grammar
241 hasInfixNotation Does this language use operators between operands? true 6 0% boolean hasInfixNotation.grammar
242 hasForEachLoops Does the language have a concept and syntax for for-each loops? true 6 0% boolean hasForEachLoops.grammar
243 hasDependentTypes Does a language have types who's definition depends on its value or the value of other types? true 6 0% boolean hasDependentTypes.grammar
244 hasAssertStatements Does the language have built in assert statements? true 6 0% boolean hasAssertStatements.grammar
245 canDoShebang Does this language support shebang executable scripts? true 6 0% boolean canDoShebang.grammar
246 renamedTo What is the new name of this language? zeek 5 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
247 hasUnicodeIdentifiers Does the language support Unicode identifiers? false 5 0% boolean hasUnicodeIdentifiers.grammar
248 hasMagicGettersAndSetters Does the language have a way to handle undefined getters and setters? false 5 0% boolean hasMagicGettersAndSetters.grammar
249 hasForLoops Does the language have a concept of and syntax for for-loops? true 5 0% boolean hasForLoops.grammar
250 hasExpressions Does the language have a concept of expressions? true 5 0% boolean hasExpressions.grammar
251 hasDuckTyping Are types defined not by their name, but by the presence of certain methods and properties? false 5 0% boolean hasDuckTyping.grammar
252 hasDocComments Is there a standard mini language written in comments for documenting code? true 5 0% boolean hasDocComments.grammar
253 hasDefaultParameters Does the language have a way to define default parameters for functions? true 5 0% boolean hasDefaultParameters.grammar
254 hasAnonymousFunctions Does the language support anonymous functions, aka Lambdas? true 5 0% boolean hasAnonymousFunctions.grammar
255 photo What is a URL to a screenshot of this real world notation in the form[id].png? 5 0% url images.grammar
256 sourcehutRepo What is the URL of the official sourcehut repo for this project? 5 0% url sourcehut.grammar
257 conference What is a URL to a recurring conference(s) focused on this language? 5 0% url conference.grammar
258 packageAuthors How many people contribute packages to this cpm? 13699 4 0% integer packages.grammar
259 successorOf Was this language launched as the successor of another? asp 4 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
260 includeToken What token(s) is used for including another file? require 4 0% string[] featureTokens.grammar
261 usesSemanticVersioning Does the official release of the language use semantic versioning? true 4 0% boolean versions.grammar
262 hasUserDefinedOperators Does the language allow for defining your own operators? false 4 0% boolean hasUserDefinedOperators.grammar
263 hasUnionTypes Does the language support union types? true 4 0% boolean hasUnionTypes.grammar
264 hasUnaryOperators Does the language have any unary operators like ++ or --? true 4 0% boolean hasUnaryOperators.grammar
265 hasTypedHoles Does the language have a syntax for typed holes? true 4 0% boolean hasTypedHoles.grammar
266 hasSymbolTables Does the compiler use symbol tables internally? true 4 0% boolean hasSymbolTables.grammar
267 hasSingleTypeArrays Does the language have a list data structure that only can hold items of the same type? true 4 0% boolean hasSingleTypeArrays.grammar
268 hasSets Does the language come with a Set data structure? false 4 0% boolean hasSets.grammar
269 hasSExpressions Does the language have S Expressions? false 4 0% boolean hasSExpressions.grammar
270 hasReservedWords Does a concept of reserved words exists, for example, not being able to use certain keywords as variable names.? true 4 0% boolean hasReservedWords.grammar
271 hasRangeOperators Does the language have a syntax for creating ranges? true 4 0% boolean hasRangeOperators.grammar
272 hasNull Does the language have a null value? true 4 0% boolean hasNull.grammar
273 hasGenerators Does the language have a concept of loops that yield? true 4 0% boolean hasGenerators.grammar
274 hasEscapeCharacters Does the language have any notion of escape characters? true 4 0% boolean hasEscapeCharacters.grammar
275 hasDynamicProperties Does all properties have to be declared or does the language support dynamic properties? false 4 0% boolean hasDynamicProperties.grammar
276 hasDisposeBlocks Does the language have a syntax for dispose blocks to free up resources allocated during execution? true 4 0% boolean hasDisposeBlocks.grammar
277 hasDestructuring Does the language have a syntax for conveniently extracting multiple values from a structure? true 4 0% boolean hasDestructuring.grammar
278 hasContinue Does the language have a syntax/keyword for continuing a loop? true 4 0% boolean hasContinue.grammar
279 hasBuiltInRegex Does the language include/import a regular expression language? false 4 0% boolean hasBuiltInRegex.grammar
280 hasBreak Does the language have a keyword for breaking out of a loop? true 4 0% boolean hasBreak.grammar
281 roadmap What is the URL to a public roadmap page for this language, if one exists? 4 0% url roadmap.grammar
282 ebook What is a link to a free public domain high quality eBook about this language? 4 0% url ebook.grammar
283 funFact What is a code block or some text containing a fun or unusual fact about the language? C gets credit for the // comm 3 0% multilineString funFact.grammar
284 forkOf What language is this language a fork of? common-log-format 3 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
285 hasTryCatch Does the language have a try/catch construct? true 3 0% boolean hasTryCatch.grammar
286 hasSymbols Does the language have a concept of symbols? true 3 0% boolean hasSymbols.grammar
287 hasStreams Does the language have a concept of streams? true 3 0% boolean hasStreams.grammar
288 hasPrefixNotation Does the language allow operators to be placed at the beginning of the expression? true 3 0% boolean hasPrefixNotation.grammar
289 hasPostfixNotation Does the language allow operators to be placed at the end of the expression? true 3 0% boolean hasPostfixNotation.grammar
290 hasOperators Does the language have operators? true 3 0% boolean hasOperators.grammar
291 hasMethods Does the language have methods on classes? true 3 0% boolean hasMethods.grammar
292 hasLazyEvaluation Does the language wait to evaluate expressions until needed? true 3 0% boolean hasLazyEvaluation.grammar
293 hasLabels Does the language have a way to label locations within the source code? true 3 0% boolean hasLabels.grammar
294 hasCharacters Does this language have a syntax and type for a "character"? true 3 0% boolean hasCharacters.grammar
295 hasAbstractTypes Does this language have a keyword for abstract classes or types? false 3 0% boolean hasAbstractTypes.grammar
296 redditDiscussion What is a link to a related discussion on reddit? 3 0% url reddit.grammar
297 discord What is a URL to an official (or popular unofficial) Discord for this language? 3 0% url discord.grammar
298 supportsBreakpoints Does this language support breakpoints? true 2 0% boolean supportsBreakpoints.grammar
299 mergesWhitespace Does this language merge whitespace, so N spaces is treated the same as a single space? true 2 0% boolean mergesWhitespace.grammar
300 letterFirstIdentifiers Must identifiers start with a letter? true 2 0% boolean letterFirstIdentifiers.grammar
301 hasVoidFunctions Does the language have void functions that return nothing? true 2 0% boolean hasVoidFunctions.grammar
302 hasVirtualFunctions Does the language have virtual functions? true 2 0% boolean hasVirtualFunctions.grammar
303 hasTypeParameters Does the language support a concept of type parameters? true 2 0% boolean hasTypeParameters.grammar
304 hasTypeAnnotations Does the language have a syntax for annotating the types of variables? true 2 0% boolean hasTypeAnnotations.grammar
305 hasTraits Does the language support traits? true 2 0% boolean hasTraits.grammar
306 hasTimestamps Does the language have a builtin timestamps data structure? true 2 0% boolean hasTimestamps.grammar
307 hasStringConcatOperator Is there an operator for concatenating strings? true 2 0% boolean hasStringConcatOperator.grammar
308 hasStaticMethods Can a class have static methods? true 2 0% boolean hasStaticMethods.grammar
309 hasStatements Does the language have a concept of statements? true 2 0% boolean hasStatements.grammar
310 hasStatementTerminatorCharacter Does the language have a statement terminator character such as ";"? true 2 0% boolean hasStatementTerminatorCharacter.grammar
311 hasSourceMaps Does the language support the generation of source maps? true 2 0% boolean hasSourceMaps.grammar
312 hasSelfOrThisWord Does a language have a keyword or syntax to refer to the current instance? true 2 0% boolean hasSelfOrThisWord.grammar
313 hasRunTimeGuards Does the language support run-time guards? true 2 0% boolean hasRunTimeGuards.grammar
314 hasRequiredMainFunction Does the language require a function named main (or similar)? true 2 0% boolean hasRequiredMainFunction.grammar
315 hasReferences Does the language have a structure for holding a reference to an existing object? true 2 0% boolean hasReferences.grammar
316 hasProcessorRegisters Does the language have named symbols for a processor's registers? false 2 0% boolean hasProcessorRegisters.grammar
317 hasMethodOverloading Does the language support method overloading? false 2 0% boolean hasMethodOverloading.grammar
318 hasMemberVariables Does the language have member variables? true 2 0% boolean hasMemberVariables.grammar
319 hasMapFunctions Does the language support running map over a list? true 2 0% boolean hasMapFunctions.grammar
320 hasImplicitTypeConversions Does the language automatically convert types as needed? true 2 0% boolean hasImplicitTypeConversions.grammar
321 hasIfs Does the language have "if" statements or expressoins? true 2 0% boolean hasIfs.grammar
322 hasIfElses Does the language have if-else statements or expressions? true 2 0% boolean hasIfElses.grammar
323 hasGlobalScope Is there at least one top level scope? true 2 0% boolean hasGlobalScope.grammar
324 hasFnArguments Do functions accept arguments? true 2 0% boolean hasFnArguments.grammar
325 hasFirstClassFunctions Does the language have functions that can be passed as arguments to other functions, can be returned by other functions, and can be assigned to variables or stored in data structures? true 2 0% boolean hasFirstClassFunctions.grammar
326 hasExports Does the language have a syntax for explicitly exporting items from a module or file? true 2 0% boolean hasExports.grammar
327 hasDynamicSizedArrays Do arrays have to have their size specified at compile time or can they be dynamically sized? true 2 0% boolean hasDynamicSizedArrays.grammar
328 hasDecimals Does the language have a decimal data type? true 2 0% boolean hasDecimals.grammar
329 hasBoundedCheckedArrays Are array boundaries checked by the language? true 2 0% boolean hasBoundedCheckedArrays.grammar
330 hasBlobs Does the language have a blobs concept? false 2 0% boolean hasBlobs.grammar
331 hasBinaryOperators Does the language have operators for operating on binary types? true 2 0% boolean hasBinaryOperators.grammar
332 hasArraySlicingSyntax Does the language have array slicing syntax, such as [0:2]? true 2 0% boolean hasArraySlicingSyntax.grammar
333 hasAlgebraicTypes Does this language support algebraic types? true 2 0% boolean hasAlgebraicTypes.grammar
334 canUseQuestionMarksAsPartOfIdentifier Is the question mark (?) allowed as part of an identifier? false 2 0% boolean canUseQuestionMarksAsPartOfIdentifier.grammar
335 canReadCommandLineArgs Does this language support command line arguments? true 2 0% boolean canReadCommandLineArgs.grammar
336 devDocumentation What is a URL to the official documentation for developers who want to contribute to the language project? 2 0% url documentation.grammar
337 zulip What is a URL to an official (or popular unofficial) Zulip for language development? 2 0% url zulip.grammar
338 irc What is a link to an official (or popular unofficial) IRC channel(s) for language development? 2 0% url irc.grammar
339 discourse What is a URL to an official (or popular unofficial) Discourse for this language? 2 0% url discourse.grammar
340 extensionOf What language is this language an extension of? cpp 1 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
341 implementationOf Is this language an implementation of another? java 1 0% trueBaseId[] relationships.grammar
342 hasZippers Does the language have zippers built in or as a library, which are roughly a pointer with context on a tree? true 1 0% boolean hasZippers.grammar
343 hasValueReturnedFunctions Can functions return a value? true 1 0% boolean hasValueReturnedFunctions.grammar
344 hasTriples Does the language have a structure for subject鈥損redicate鈥搊bject expressions? true 1 0% boolean hasTriples.grammar
345 hasRefinementTypes Does the language have a way to attach a predicate to a type? true 1 0% boolean hasRefinementTypes.grammar
346 hasPairs Does the language have a pair structure? true 1 0% boolean hasPairs.grammar
347 hasMonads Does the language have monads? true 1 0% boolean hasMonads.grammar
348 hasMethodChaining Does the language support method chaining? true 1 0% boolean hasMethodChaining.grammar
349 hasImplicitArguments Does the language have a concept of contextual or implicit parameters? true 1 0% boolean hasImplicitArguments.grammar
350 hasIds Does the language have a concept of unique identifiers? true 1 0% boolean hasIds.grammar
351 hasDynamicTyping Are types of variables fixed or can they change during runtime? true 1 0% boolean hasDynamicTyping.grammar
352 hasClobs Does the language have a specific type for character large object? true 1 0% boolean hasClobs.grammar
353 dblp_publications An inline PSV table of hits. 0 0% multilineString dblp.grammar
354 dblp_hits How many matching publications? 0 0% integer dblp.grammar
355 dblp What are publications about this language from 0 0% unspecified dblp.grammar
356 twitter_followers How many followers does the linked account have? 0 0% integer twitter.grammar

The table above is also available as csv.

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