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Structs - language feature

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Example from C, C++, Objective-C, Tick C:
struct account { int account_number; char *first_name; char *last_name; float balance; };
Example from C3:
struct Test { int x; float y; String z; }
Example from Speedie:
struct Fuel |int| A |byte| B
Example from Ion:
{ first : "Tom" , last: "Riddle" } // Structure with two fields {"first":"Tom","last":"Riddle"} // The same value with confusing style {center:{x:1.0, y:12.5}, radius:3} // Nested struct
Example from Jule:
struct Employee { first_name: str last_name: str salary: f32 }

Languages with Structs include C, C++, Objective-C, C3, Speedie, Ion, progsbase, Jule, C2, Tick C

This question asks: Does the language have a structs structure?

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