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Does every programming language have a central package repository?

by Breck Yunits

February 7, 2019 — Like millions of other programmers, every day I depend on central package repositories (CR) like npm, PyPI and CRAN.

The other day I was curious: does every programming language have one of these? I decided to find out. I pointed my crawler and trained a model to check for a package repository for every one of the 3,006 languages I am tracking. The results surprised me.

★ Only 1% have them

My model found only 39 languages with central package repositories. (For comparison, Wikipedia lists ~20). That's just ~1% of languages. I thought it would be higher.

★ ~30% of the Top 100 have them

Given that a programming language is very popular and appears in my top 100 list, it is about 15 - 30x more likely to have a CR. Given a language is not in the top 100, <1% will have a CR.

★ 2 Million+ Packages Total

There are over 2,000,000 packages (aka modules or libraries) across these CRs. That means there are about 1,000x more packages than there are programming languages.

With that many packages, name collision is certainly a problem (maybe a subject for another post), though not as much of a problem as in the domain system where 130,000,000+ ".coms" alone are registered.

★ The top 5 account for ~80% of all packages

At over 900,000, Javascript's npm has almost more packages than all other CRs combined. Javascript, Java, PHP, Perl, and Python account for about 80% of packages.

★ GitHub has over 100,000,000 repositories

Given the size of GitHub, and it's growth as somewhat of a universal central package repository (though totally unmoderated), and given that many (if not the majority) of the packages in these CRs are also listed on GitHub, it's conceivable that GitHub is the largest CR and that the number of packages out there is easily 10x bigger than 2M.

★ Newer languages are not more likely to have CRs

This surprised me. The median age of a language with a CR is 24 (1995). Of the top 5 languages I mentioned above, all were created by then. Almost always the creation of the CR follows the launch of the language, sometimes by months or sometimes by years. I expected most CRs to be from newer languages, but that wasn't the case. While some new languages like Rust and Julia have CRs, others like Go and Kotlin do not.

★ A Visual

Languages with web package managers plotted by year and number of published packages.

★ The List

Here's my list of the main central package repositories for languages that have them. I cut the list a bit to only include CRs with more than 100 packages available. As always, open an issue if you spot any omissions or mistakes!

id website packages appeared
javascript 901,025 1995
java 266,776 1995
php 211,636 1995
perl 176,876 1987
python 167,097 1991
ruby 154,445 1995
csharp 141,524 2000
swift 57,000 2014
clojure 23,459 2007
rust 22,486 2010
r 13,674 1993
haskell 13,487 1990
matlab 9,718 1984
erlang 8,069 1986
julia 7,820 2012
tex 5,649 1978
stata 4,608 1985
smalltalk 4,534 1972
powershell 4,382 2006
emacs-editor 4,079 1976
dart 2,751 2011
maple 2,650 1982
ocaml 2,224 1996
lua 2,047 1993
d 1,498 2001
dynamo-visual-language 1,494 2011
haxe 1,303 2005
racket 1,122 1994
elm 594 2012
coldfusion 519 1995
nim 499 2008
spark 441 1988
prolog 275 1972
mathematica 210 1988


As Jay18001 pointed out, a few of these repositories serve packages for more than one language. Cocoapods => Objective-C, and Nuget => F# and other .Net langs. In this post I collapsed things so each repo only has 1 language.

Update: 8/26/2019. Multiple readers pointed out that my stat for Ruby was off by 10x. I used the # I found on this page, which turned out to be just the gems beginning with the letter A. I apologize for the mistake and am very grateful for the corrections.

Thanks to PallHaraldsson for reviewing this post and encouraging it to get updated.

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