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QUEL - Query language

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QUEL is a query language created in 1976 by Michael Stonebraker.

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QUEL is a relational database query language, based on tuple relational calculus, with some similarities to SQL. It was created as a part of the Ingres DBMS effort at University of California, Berkeley, based on Codd's earlier suggested but not implemented Data Sub-Language ALPHA. QUEL was used for a short time in most products based on the freely available Ingres source code, most notably in an implementation called POSTQUEL supported by POSTGRES. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
range of E is EMPLOYEE retrieve into W (COMP = E.Salary / (E.Age - 18)) where E.Name = "Jones"
Example from Wikipedia:
retrieve (a=count(y.i by y.d where y.str = "ii*" or y.str = "foo"),b=max(count(y.i by y.d)))

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