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Extensible Embeddable Language

Extensible Embeddable Language - Programming language

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Extensible Embeddable Language is an open source programming language created in 2005 by David Olofson.

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The Extensible Embeddable Language (EEL) is a scripting and programming language in development by David Olofson. EEL is intended for scripting in realtime systems with cycle rates in the kHz range, such as musical synthesizers and industrial control systems, but also aspires to be usable as a platform independent general purpose programming language.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
export function main<args> { print("Recursion test 1:\n"); procedure recurse(arg) { print("arg = ", arg, "\n"); if arg recurse(arg - 1); } recurse(10); print("Recursion test 2; Mutual Recursion:\n"); procedure mrecurse2(arg); procedure mrecurse1(arg) { print("arg = ", arg, "\n"); if arg mrecurse2(arg); } procedure mrecurse2(arg) { mrecurse1(arg - 1); }; mrecurse1(10); print("Recursion test 2; Mutual Recursion with Function Reference:\n"); procedure mrrecurse1(arg, fn) { print("arg = ", arg, "\n"); if arg fn(arg, fn); } local mrr2 = procedure (arg, fn) { mrrecurse1(arg - 1, fn); }; mrrecurse1(10, mrr2); print(Recursion tests done.\n); return 0; }

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