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TQL livestream

by Breck Yunits

The Livestream: Adding the rename keyword to TQL

February 4, 2023 — TQL is the new query language powering search on In this livestream I show the process for designing and coding up the rename keyword.

A word on livestreams

Peering over the shoulder of other programmers is a great way to learn faster. I've learned a lot from watching streamers like notch and geohot.

Sometimes I learn something high level, like how to better name my functions. Other times it's something more mundane, like a new Unix command or keyboard shortcut. I often find an hour watching a top streamer often saves me 20 hours over the course of a year. The ROI is high. While I don't expect people to learn as much from me as I've learned from notch and geohot, perhaps there might be something different I do that people might find useful. Let's try it.

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