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Source Maps

Source Maps - language feature

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Example from JavaScript, TypeScript:
{ version: 3, file: 'min.js', names: ['bar', 'baz', 'n'], sources: ['one.js', 'two.js'], sourceRoot: '', mappings: 'CAAC,IAAI,IAAM,SAAUA,GAClB,OAAOC,IAAID;CCDb,IAAI,IAAM,SAAUE,GAClB,OAAOA' };
Example from Speedie:
linkage bannedclasses (file, process, shellstream, archive) // using these classes... even indirectly, will create an error // the error message will show the entire call-chain that reached these classes

Languages with Source Maps include JavaScript, TypeScript, Speedie

This question asks: Does the language support the generation of source maps?

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