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Destructuring - language feature

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Example from JavaScript, TypeScript:
const o = {p: 42, q: true}; const {p, q} = o;
Example from Reason:
type person = {name: string, age: int}; let somePerson = {name: "Guy", age: 30}; let {name, age} = somePerson;
Example from Coconut:
{"list": [0] + rest} = {"list": [0, 1, 2, 3]}
Example from bog:
let add = fn ((a,b)) a + b let tuplify = fn (a,b) (a,b) return add(tuplify(1,2)) # 3

Languages with Destructuring include JavaScript, TypeScript, Reason, Coconut, bog

This question asks: Does the language have a syntax for conveniently extracting multiple values from a structure?

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