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Disk Output

Disk Output - language feature

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Example from Python, Cython:
with open('helloworld.txt', 'w') as filehandle: filehandle.write('Hello, world!\n')
Example from Node.js:
require("fs").writeFileSync("foo.txt", "foo", "utf8")
Example from Elixir:
File.write!("helloworld.txt", "Hello, world!\n")
Example from REBOL, Boron:
write %helloworld.txt "Hello, world!^/"
Example from Speedie:
"helloworld.txt" <~ "Hello, world!\n"
Example from Jule:
use std::fs::{open, O_WRONLY} fn main() { let (mut f, _) = open("myfile.txt", O_WRONLY, 0) let bytes = ([]byte)("Text to write") f.write(bytes) f.close() }

Languages with Disk Output include Python, Node.js, Elixir, REBOL, Cython, Speedie, Jule, Boron

Languages without Disk Output include XML, JSON, CSS, HAML, JSON5, Ion, JSONiq, JSON with Comments, Superjson, Jsonnet, Hocon

This question asks: Does this language have methods or standard libraries for writing to disk?

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