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Unified Diff

Unified Diff - Diff format

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Unified Diff is a diff format created in 1990 by Wayne Davison.

#964on PLDB 33Years Old

Example from the web:
--- /path/to/original timestamp +++ /path/to/new timestamp @@ -1,3 +1,9 @@ +This is an important +notice! It should +therefore be located at +the beginning of this +document! + This part of the document has stayed the same from version to @@ -8,13 +14,8 @@ compress the size of the changes. -This paragraph contains -text that is outdated. -It will be deleted in the -near future. - It is important to spell -check this dokument. On +check this document. On the other hand, a misspelled word isn't the end of the world. @@ -22,3 +23,7 @@ this paragraph needs to be changed. Things can be added after it. + +This paragraph contains +important new additions +to this document.

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