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Triton - Programming language

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Triton is a programming language created in 2021 by Philippe Tillet.

Source code:
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#553on PLDB 2Years Old

This is the development repository of Triton, a language and compiler for writing highly efficient custom Deep-Learning primitives. The aim of Triton is to provide an open-source environment to write fast code at higher productivity than CUDA, but also with higher flexibility than other existing DSLs.

Example from the web:
# This is a GPU kernel in Triton. # Different instances of this # function may run in parallel. @jit def add(X, Y, Z, N): # In Triton, each kernel instance # executes block operations on a # single thread: there is no construct # analogous to threadIdx pid = program_id(0) # block of indices idx = pid * BLOCK + arange(BLOCK) mask = idx < N # Triton uses pointer arithmetics # rather than indexing operators x = load(X + idx, mask=mask) y = load(Y + idx, mask=mask) store(Z + idx, x + y, mask=mask)

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