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Sheep - Programming language

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Sheep is a programming language created in 2000 by Wouter Van Oortmerssen.

#984on PLDB 23Years Old

New scripting/querying/ipc/programming language I created for Amiga Inc. There is no publicly available material right now, except for an introductory article at Amiga World, an interview at, and this released screenshot of an early sheep beta in action: SHEEP was planned to have familiar beginner friendly syntax and semantics coupled with multimethods, automatic memory management without garbage collection (linearity), powerful datatypes, pattern matching, strong and dynamic typing living together in harmony, integrated access to all the new Amiga OS features, and optional compiled output comparable to C in speed and size.

Example from the web:
— Tree of Pythagoras — based on an old E example by Raymond Hoving import “ave” define pythtree ax:real ay:real bx:real by:real depth:int do cx = ax-ay+by cy = ax+ay-bx dx = bx+by-ay dy = ax-bx+by ex = 0.5*(cx-cy+dx+dy) ey = 0.5*(cx+cy-dx+dy) c = -1-depth*$100020 ave_line cx cy ax ay c ave_line ax ay bx by c ave_line bx by dx dy c ave_line dx dy cx cy c ave_line cx cy ex ey c ave_line ex ey dx dy c if depth < 12 then pythtree cx cy ex ey depth+1 pythtree ex ey dx dy depth+1 end end width = 640 height = 480 ave_openwindow "Pythagoras Tree" width height 0 pythtree width/2-width/12 height-20 width/2+width/12 height-20 0 ave_update repeat until ave_getmessage = 'Q'

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Semantic Indentation
define pythtree ax:real ay:real bx:real by:real depth:int do
   cx = ax-ay+by

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