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JS++ - Programming language

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JS++ is a programming language created in 2011 by Roger Poon and Anton Rapetov.

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Example from Wikipedia:
1 int x = 1; // declares the variable x with an "internal type" (JS++ type) 2 var y = 2; // declares the variable y with an "external type" (JavaScript type) 3 bool z = true; // declares the variable z with an "internal type" (JS++ type)
abstract auto break bool byte catch char class continue debugger delete do double else enum external false final finally float for foreach function if import in instanceof int interface long module new null override overwrite private protected property public return short signed string super switch static this true try typeid typeof undefined unsigned var virtual void while with yield

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Garbage Collection
Switch Statements
While Loops
Booleans true false
Regular Expression Syntax Sugar
Strings "
MultiLine Comments /* */
/* A comment
Print() Debugging console.log
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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