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IP Pascal

IP Pascal - Programming language

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IP Pascal is a programming language created in 1990 by Scott Moore.

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IP Pascal is an implementation of the Pascal programming language using the IP portability platform, a multiple machine, operating system and language implementation system.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
program hello(input, output); uses gralib; var er: evtrec; begin bcolor(output, green); curvis(output, false); auto(output, false); page(output); fcolor(output, red); frect(output, 50, 50, maxxg(output)-50, maxyg(output)-50); fcolorg(output, maxint, maxint-(maxint div 3), maxint-maxint div 3); frect(output, 50, 50, 53, maxyg(output)-50); frect(output, 50, 50, maxxg(output)-50, 53); fcolorg(output, maxint div 2, 0, 0); frect(output, 52, maxyg(output)-53, maxxg(output)-50, maxyg(output)-50); frect(output, maxxg(output)-53, 52, maxxg(output)-50, maxyg(output)-50); font(output, font_sign); fontsiz(output, 100); binvis(output); fcolor(output, cyan); cursorg(output, maxxg(output) div 2-strsiz(output, 'hello, world') div 2+3, maxyg(output) div 2-100 div 2+3); writeln('hello, world'); fcolor(output, blue); cursorg(output, maxxg(output) div 2-strsiz(output, 'hello, world') div 2, maxyg(output) div 2-100 div 2); writeln('hello, world'); repeat event(input, er) until er.etype = etterm end.

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