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Hackett - Programming language

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Hackett is an open source programming language created in 2017 by Alexis King.

Source code:
git clone
#759on PLDB 6Years Old

Hackett is an attempt to implement a Haskell-like language with support for Racket鈥檚 macro system, built using the techniques described in the paper Type Systems as Macros.

Example from the web:
#lang hackett (data (Maybe a) Nothing (Just a)) (def x : Integer (let ([y 3] [z 7]) {y + z})) (class (Show a) [show : {a -> String}]) (instance (forall [a] (Show a) => (Show (Maybe a))) [show (位* [[(Just x)] {"(Just " ++ (show x) ++ ")"}] [[Nothing ] "Nothing"])])

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