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Explorer - Visual programming language

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Explorer is an open source visual programming language created in 2020 by Hannah Ritchie and Breck Yunits and Shahid Ahmad.

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A screenshot of the visual language Explorer.

Programs are encoded as TSVs so are easy to read+write from a spreadsheet IDE, code, or plain text editor.

Example from the web:
selection Canada~India title Population of different countries subtitle How many people live in each country? type DiscreteBar hasMapTab true hideControls true ySlugs Population table Country Population Year MapleleafsInFlag Canada 32000000 2020 1 India 1000000000 2020 0 France 50000000 2020 0 columns slug type name notes Country EntityName Country Unreviewed Population Numeric Population Unreviewed Year Year Year Unreviewed MapleleafsInFlag Numeric MapleleafsInFlag Unreviewed

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Ternary operators X

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