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Dak - Programming language

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Dak is a programming language created in 2022 by Naitik Shah.

Source code:
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Dak is a Lisp like language that transpiles to JavaScript.

Example from the web:
; Functions are varied and colorful. ; Simple function: (fn add [a b] (+ a b)) (prn (add 40 1)) ; Async function: (fn@ add-promises [a b] (+ @a @b)) (prn @(add-promises (Promise.resolve 40) (Promise.resolve 2))) ; Generator function: (fn* powers [n count] (let [current 1] (for [i 0 count] (yield (*= current n))))) (for-of [v (powers 2 5)] (prn v)) ; Async generator function: (fn@* foo [a b] (yield (inc @a)) (yield (inc @b))) (for@ [v (foo (Promise.resolve 41) (Promise.resolve -43))] (prn v)) ; Exported function: (fn ^:export plus [a b] (+ a b)) ; Exported default function: (fn ^:export ^:default [a b] (- a b)) ; Declaration syntax: (fn ^:decl TheClass [a] (set this.answer a)) (prn (TheClass. 42)) ; Explicit return is available: (fn until [a] (while true (if (= (++ a) 42) (return :boom)))) (prn :returned (until 40)) ; Yield & Yield* are available: (fn* it [a] (yield (++ a)) (yield* [(++ a) (++ a)])) (for-of [v (it 39)] (prn "it:" v))

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