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carth - Programming language

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carth is a programming language created in 2018 by Johan Johansson.

Source code:
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#744on PLDB 5Years Old

Purely functional programming with lisp-syntax. Less infix, more parens!

Example from the web:
;; Note that many of these functions are/will be in the standard ;; library in some shape or form. We just include them all in the same ;; file here to show off more of the syntax and features. ;; ~start~ is the programs entrypoint (define (start _) (fizzbuzz unit)) (define (fizzbuzz _) (for (range 1 100) (comp display fizzbuzz'))) (define (fizzbuzz' n) (match (Pair (divisible? n 3) (divisible? n 5)) (case (Pair false false) (my-show-int n)) (case (Pair true false) "Fizz") (case (Pair false true) "Buzz") (case (Pair true true) "Fizzbuzz"))) (define my-show-int (fun-match (case 1 "one") (case 2 "two") (case n (show-int n)))) ;; Apply an action to each element in an iterator (define (for xs f) (match (next xs) (case None unit) (case (Some (Pair x xs')) (seq (f x) (for xs' f))))) ;; Iterator over the closed range $[a, b]$ (define (range a b) (Iter (Lazy (if (> a b) (fun _ None) (fun _ (Some (Pair a (range (+ a 1) b)))))))) ;; Advances an iterator, returning the next value and the rest of the ;; iterator (define (next (Iter it)) (lively it)) ;; An iterator / non-strict list (type (Iter a) (Iter (Lazy (Maybe (Pair a (Iter a)))))) (define (lively (Lazy f)) (f unit)) ;; A lazy, or rather a non-strict value (type (Lazy a) (Lazy (Fun Unit a))) (type (Maybe a) None (Some a)) (define (seq a b) b) ;; Function composition (define (comp f g a) (f (g a))) (define (divisible? n m) (= (rem n m) 0)) (define (display s) (display-inline (str-append s "\n"))) ;;; Currying wrappers (define (rem a b) (rem-int (Pair a b))) (define (= a b) (eq-int (Pair a b))) (define (> a b) (gt-int (Pair a b))) (define (+ a b) (add-int (Pair a b))) (define (str-append s1 s2) (-str-append (Pair s1 s2))) ;;; External functions defined in the foreign-core library (extern show-int (Fun Int Str)) (extern eq-int (Fun (Pair Int Int) Bool)) (extern gt-int (Fun (Pair Int Int) Bool)) (extern rem-int (Fun (Pair Int Int) Int)) (extern add-int (Fun (Pair Int Int) Int)) (extern display-inline (Fun Str Unit)) (extern -str-append (Fun (Pair Str Str) Str))

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Booleans true false
; A comment
Line Comments ;
; A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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