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Aardvark - Programming language

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Aardvark is an open source programming language created in 2020 by Hg0428 and JustCoding123 and CompilingCoder and TheBoys619 and PlasDev and ZDev1.

Source code:
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#1549on PLDB 3Years Old

Aardvark is an object oriented programming language designed writing clean and easy to read code. It is an interpreted language written in C++, Go, and Python. Version 0.1~0.8.9 was written in Python, Version 1.0 was written in C++, and AdkGO was written in Go. It has a UI, graphics, and data science/artificial intellegence library as of 2022.

Example from the web:
#include os as os class Hello() { funct helloWorld() { output('helloWorld') i = 0 if i==0 { output('i is 0!') } } }

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