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A list of active programming competition sites.

series type started wikipedia firstHostCountry
IMO Mathematics 1959 International_Mathematical_Olympiad Romania
ICPC Programming 1970 International_Collegiate_Programming_Contest USA
ACSL Programming 1978 American_Computer_Science_League USA
IOI Programming 1989 International_Olympiad_in_Informatics Bulgaria
ICFPProgrammingContest Programming 1998 ICFP_Programming_Contest USA
TopCoder Programming 2001 Topcoder USA
TopCoderOpen Programming 2001 Topcoder_Open USA
GoogleCodeJam Programming 2003 Google_Code_Jam USA
IEEEExtreme Programming 2006 IEEEXtreme Online
CodeChef Programming 2009 CodeChef India
CodeForces Programming 2010 Codeforces Russia
AtCoder Programming 2010 Japan
Kaggle DataScience 2010 Kaggle USA
FacebookHackerCup Programming 2011 Facebook_Hacker_Cup USA
HackerEarth Programming 2012 HackerEarth USA
HackerRank Programming 2012 HackerRank USA

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