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Thank you to everyone who has contributed directly to the PLDB repo: PavelVozenilek, lguzzon, SuperFola, johnwcowan, cgccuser, adityaxdiwakar, stevepeak, yang724687930, StoneCypher, Cyberneticist-UK and jenshaase.


The vast majority of the information on this site comes from other websites and should always include a link back to the source. Thank you to all of those sites, including:

NPM Packages

Thank you to the developers building these packages used by PLDB:

Other Open Source Projects

PLDB wouldn't be possible without the people behind hundreds of open source technologies including NodeJS, TypeScript, and many, many more!


And of course, thank you to all of the hard working programmers, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, hobbyists, and tinkerers who for millennia have been inventing the things that are the subject of this site.

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